The mission of Different Voice Opera Project, named after Carol Gilligan’s 1982 book In A Different Voice, is to foster the creation and performance of works for the operatic stage presenting a different voice, story, or perspective from the ones usually presented.

Tired of stories where the woman dies a victim of society, this opera conductor, Sara Jobin, wants to see more operas with strong, inspirational female characters who resist dominant power structures and win.  Also of particular interest are the stories of minorities of all kinds told from their own perspective, and gay characters whose homosexuality is not necessarily tragic.

The Project aims to be a clearinghouse for bringing people together: composers, librettists, opera presenters, performers, and funders.

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DVOP Opus One (started in 2009) is well under way:  Pearl by Amy Scurria with a libretto by Carol Gilligan and Jonathan Gilligan.  This is an opera inspired by The Scarlet Letter. Pearl, the daughter of Hester Prynne, now a grown woman, revisits scenes of her childhood. “If God is love, can love be sin?” First workshop performance is August 13 in Lenox, Massachusetts. For more information about Pearl, check us out on Facebook, and read Carol Gilligan’s explanation.

Thank you for your interest!

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